Robert R. Waknuk

Profile Updated: July 19, 2018
Residing In Little Fort, BC Canada
Spouse/Partner Lynda Rae Waknuk ( Riggle )
Occupation Retired
Children None
Military Service Washington Army National Guard  

I will start my story by telling you that I was born in Spirit River,Alberta,Canada on May 26th,1944.My parents were farming about 15 miles North of Spirit River.Living on that farm was quite an experiance in itself.We had no running water and no electricity.Non of the gadgets we all take so for granted today:phone,TV,radio etc.Well I have to take back the no radio....we had a radio which required a large battery that sat on the floor under the cabinet.This radio was used very sparingly,as the battery was considered expensive.I do remember my father tuning in Hockey Night in Canada,on Sat. night while we kids got our bath in a round galvinized tub.
My older sister and I had to walk a mile to a one room school that had eight rows of desks,one row for each grade from 1-8.We did not have teachers,as such,but supervisor's,who maintained "law and order".The students worked in lesson books,at their own pace,and at the end of the school year these lesson books were sent to Edmonton, Alberta,to be graded.We would not know whether we had passed or failed until we returned to school in the fall,at which time the supervisor would let you know which row you should sit in.When we left in 1954,the school had 26 students in grades 1-8.
Our family,of six,left that area in Feb.1954.My parents held an auction and sold everything.We moved in a 1951 Pontiac,no trailer,no roof rack,just what the trunk held.That is what our family, of six, arrived in Seattle with.
I was in grade 4 and attended Greenwood Elementary for about a month until my parents bought a house,in Wallingford,where I then went to Interlake Elementary,Hamilton Jr.High ,and finally to Lincoln.I lived 11/2 blocks West of the main entrance to Lincoln,on North 44th.
After graduation in 1962,I went to work for Big 4 Donut,just off the South end of the Fremont bridge.I was employed there until I joined the Washington Army National Guard in Feb. of 1965.My basic training took place at Fort Leonard Wood,Missouri - - or as it was so affectionately called - - Fort Lost In The Woods,Misery.I was at Leonard Wood from April to July,then home for leave and on to Fort Ord,California for a light vehicle drivers course from mid July to late Aug.1965.My military obligation was for 6 a member of the 3rd Battalion,161st Infantry.We were stationed at Pier 91 where I had to attend one weekend per month and had two weeks of summer camp,each year,at the Yakima Firing Center.My claim to fame in the National Guard was qualifying as a Sharpshooter with the old M 14 rifle and getting my honorable discharge with the rank of Staff Sgt.Upon my return from Fort Ord,I went to work for Cudahy Packing Co. { Bar S }After six yrs.,I went to American Wholesale Grocers in Kent.In the process,I also got married in July of 1971.American Wholesale closed their meat dept.and I went to work at Tradewell Stores distribution warehouse in Kent.In 1979 my wife and I purchased Ta Weel Lake Fishing Lodge and moved to Little Fort,B.C.,where I still reside.My wife and I separated in 1980 and divorced after waiting the required 3 yrs.{ that's all on that }I continued to operate the Lodge until selling after the 1992 season.I operated the camp for the new owner in 1993 but didn't like working for him and informed him that I wouldn't be back.Now for some info about the camp!The camp was operated on the American Plan,which simply means that meals were included as well as transport from Little Fort,boats,motors,all gas and oil,fish cleaning,fish smoking,and anything we could think of to make our guests stay more enjoyable.Over the years,I met a lot of interesting people from all over the world.For example - - a couple,with children,from Zimbabwe,a banker from Singapore,and retired Sen.Carl Curtis,of Nebraska,who served in the U.S.Congress for 40 yrs.,and lots of other professional people whose paths I would never have crossed otherwise.The trip into camp was an adventure in itself.The lake is 20 miles from Little Fort,10 miles of gravel road and 10 miles of 4x4 road,and would take up to 2 1/2 hrs.The " I think I'm stuck picture "in my album is on the road to the lake.After that venture finished,for me,at the end of the 1993 season I wondered what might be in store next.
I knew that God would provide and I wouldn't starve.My faith was rewarded when friends of mine,who have a cattle ranch at Barriere B.C.,were building a nine hole golf course and called to see if I was interested in working for them.I said ok and have been with them from the time the seed went in the ground until now when I spend all my time mowing the grass that resulted from all that seed going in the ground.I plan on working for two more years.
Now,just a bit of family info.
My father passed away in July 1994.
My mother lives in her own home,at age 91,in Marysville.
My older sister { class of "61" } and her husband live in Maple Falls which is on the Mt.Baker Hyw.and about a 1/2 from the Can.border.
I have a younger sister{class of "65"] and brother - in - law living in Wenatchee.
My youngest sister{class of "67" } and brother - in - law live a block up the street from my mother in Marysville.
That,in whatever form you want to call it,is what I have done since high school.
As an addition to my story,I would add the fact that since Oct.of 1990 I have been doing guard duty for the RCMP.The job consists of " baby sitting "prisoners who have been arrested by the police and is strictly on an on call basis.You do deal with all kinds!!!!
I will be retiring from the golf course on May 25th,2010.
Added May 29th 2010
Well May 25th has come and gone and I did retire.I even got a 42" plasma,flat screen TV as a gift.Very nice.
I don't have big plans,but do have some small projects to catch up with and then I am sure I can find ways to occupy my time.For now,I am just going to savor the freedom and enjoy the fact that I can do as I please when the notion strikes.
I am continuing my on call guard duty for the RCMP.
Added Nov.3,2011
As of today,I have quit doing guard duty for the RCMP.After 21 yrs.of dealing with the criminal element in society,I kind of lost interest in continuing.It was a good run,but I guess I've gotten tired of running.
Added July 30,2013
My mother,at the age of 92yrs.,has sold her home in Marysville and moved in with my oldest sister and brother-in-law,in Maple Falls.
I have gotten reconnected with Lynda Lesnick,who is on this site.She was Lynda Riggle in the class of "62".
Added July 19,2018
Lynda and I were married on the 22nd of Aug.2016 and Lynda was given her permanent residence in Canada on March 29 of this year.(2018)We continue to reside in Little Fort,BC.

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Nov 20, 2017 at 11:20 AM

I forgot how you were robbing the cradle when we dated.HAPPY BIRTHDAY my forever friend.

Nov 20, 2017 at 11:14 AM

May God Bless you with a very special day.
Happy Birthday Pat.

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Aug 25, 2017 at 11:41 PM

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Lynda Riggle Waknuk and I have been married for a year already.Time flies when you're having fun.Love you SWEETIE.

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Happy Birthday Linda.Enjoy your special day.

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Dec 30, 2016 at 10:34 PM

Wishing all classmates a Happy and Prosperous NEW YEAR.

Nov 10, 2016 at 2:47 PM

Our wedding on Aug.22,2016

Nov 10, 2016 at 2:39 PM

Lynda and I eating at our local diner in Little Fort Aug.22,2016.

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Robert Waknuk and Lynda Lesnick ( Riggle ) were married on Aug.22nd,in a small ceremony in Little Fort,BC.

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I asked Lynda Lesnick (Riggle) to marry me,on July 31st, and she said yes. We will be working on her immigration and we will live in Canada.

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